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1000 Miglia wanted to redefine itself to create a real lifestyle brand and gain new ground for commercial expansion. We created a new modern identity that reflects their new positioning and brand extension, based on its heritage and values.
We enriched the colour scheme with two new shades, blue and gold.
The combination of the original red and white, keeping it charged and fresh, with the elegant and more contemporary blue along with gold embellishments, creates a sophisticated and elegant yet modern look.


Brand Identity Design / Graphic Environment / Digital Design




We used the arrow of the logo to maintain a connection with the past but reworked it to move the identity into the future. Creating a new system of arrows, with a softer and more youthful, modern and abstract style, allowed us to design balanced and light compositions where the variety of arrows could be used as singular elements, or together to create patterns with infinite possibilities of interpretation. The typography conveys a sense of movement created through the slightly elongated and flattened shape, like it was subjected to a centrifugal force accentuating the concept of speed.


The new visual identity was applied through all the elements of the race: the paddock, the podiums, and the 1000 Miglia ‘village’ in Brescia.


The new identity was implemented in a range of tools, and events collateral including brochures and posters, badges, passes and flags. We also applied the new brand image to 1000 Miglia website and digital channels.