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5VIE Art + Design is one of the city districts that in recent years has achieved great fame during the Milan Design week. Once again this year Nascent Design has been involved for the creation of a compelling visual language to communicate the district offering in terms of events, exhibitions and contents. The request was to think of an adaptable and flexible system capable to express the vitality of the district.




Brand Identity Design / Corporate Identity /  Art Direction / Wayfinding


5VIE Design+Art


The starting point for the project was the identity designed in 2015. While keeping the same basic elements, we have developed an ad hoc visual system defined by three layers that can co-exist, and at the same time, individually communicate the distinctive offering in terms of: unique

landmarks, commercial venues and the events and exhibitions hosted during the design week. 5VIE’s typical grid layout, part of the overall corporate identity, has evolved with a new graphic spiral element which expresses the district’s vibe allowing the characteristics of the 5Vie community to shine. In addition a new color treatment has completed the visual language, which has been used in different applications across the district.


The brand narrative has been expressed through a set of images capable to reflect the unique identity of the district and at the same time the energy of the Design Week with thousands of people walking around the narrow streets. The art direction on the photography allowed to catch the details, the textures and patterns of buildings and courtyards, while treating them expressively.


The communication system included best practice templates for the district desktop website, the social network channels, the print collaterals. In addition, the mnemonic spiral mark has been spread across multiple locations during the Design week, activating a compelling way to visually connect with people and provide an orientation system for non local visitors.


The new visual language has been adapted to all media scattered around the district, totems, banners, roll up and placeholder flags, in order to create a strong recognizable brand identity and a consistent visual message through the streets of 5VIE.


To promote the district, an event has been hosted at the Museo Diocesano. During the design week, a video installation has been realised and Nascent has been asked to produce a video presentation to be displayed every evening.