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5VIE: is a specific project of territorial marketing in the centre of Milan aiming to promote the arts and crafts of a specific historical part of the city which embraces S. Ambrogio and via Torino. This area is rich of historical and traditional significance. 5VIE has set up a program of extraordinary events, in order to increase the value of all the outstanding art venues, shops and handcraft workshops of the area. It is an attractive itinerary which connects creative and design activities, with special attention to monuments, archaeological sites, private courtyards, shops and workshops. This project has been considered as a reference model for the revitalisation of other historical centres of Italian cities. This year, to celebrate the second edition of the 5VIE district, we have redefined their brand strategy focusing on a more effective, coherent and emotional communication plan along with other specialized tools.




2015 / 2016


Brand Strategy / Visual Identity / Restyling Website


Exhibit / Art / Culture


Nascent presents a new way of communicating the Milan city district; the dot which is part of the original 5VIE logo, becomes a code which will be used in all the communication material delivered during the Milan Design Week 2015, the Milan Expo 2015 and in all 5VIE events.

It has been developed as a texture which initially hides its real message and is then transformed until it gently unveils the entire communication, while surprising and creating expectation. The logo becomes a system, where the code of the dot can be adjusted to all kinds of communication, being used not only as a logo but as a distinctive graphic element.


We set photo shoot guidelines of the most important highlights: monuments, churches and historical sites, art galleries and shops in order to originate storytelling in an emotional and evocative style. Thanks to the fascinating images produced by Paolo Bassanini, Nascent designs all tools to be used during the events, both on the 5VIE website and on printed material.


The corporate materials have been studied to enhance the value of the District and to promptly communicate the new look of the association through a multi-faceted path: a big map of the 5VIE district illustrating all the events and exhibitions held during the Milan Design Week, a fun shopper bag with the logo to be delivered to visitors and the press kit.


To support the presentation of the new edition of 5VIE, we conceived and developed a multi-channel strategy, which includes the restyling of the websites visual identity.

In collaboration with Red Fern, a web development team based in London, we have set a more emotional impact improving the user’s experience. 5VIE District is now the real protagonist: big beautiful photos open the scene, the events are functionally organized in a coloured mosaic and all the artisanal shops are clearly described and localized.