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Passion, skill, innovation, technology, research and development: these are some of the values of Fabio Perini. A company leader in the tissue sector for almost 50 years, it represents a benchmark in the industry in which it operates, offering some of the broadest and most differentiated product ranges.

Starting from the recent restyling of the corporate image, it became necessary to develop a more communicative and emotional visual language than that used in the past, which would be flexible and modular enough for corporate events.




Visual Identity / Exhibit Design




The existing logo becomes the primary element upon which the new visual identity is based. The square in which the logo is inscribed evolves into a new oblique, dynamic shape, with movements from the bottom up and from left to right, providing metaphors for the company’s dynamism and continuous growth. The symbolic band of the logo forms rotations and flows that express the concepts of energy and thrust. The pinpoints becomes another distinctive character representing the embossing. With a symbol of production and technique that sets it apart, it becomes a sign that contributes to the recognisability of the visual language.


For the lettering, we chose current and contemporary typography, with Canaro alongside Core Circus, a font applied to large sizes that lends itself well to decorative and highly communicative use.

The use of dots within the font and applied to decorative elements of the wave evokes embossing, the company’s distinctive production technique. The result is a visual identity that is both dynamic and refined.



At It’s Tissue 2015, an important annual event for tissue companies that presents the best made in Italy technologies, we applied the visual language to the set up by creating a journey through the Perini universe and its values. The identity of Constellation, the new technology on display, uses the symbolism of dots to develop the theme of the constellation, making the industrial site an immersive and evocative place.



The new visual language can be adapted for all the communication materials , to create a strong brand identity , recognizable and coherent with the company values.


To celebrate 50 years of the company, in addition to the supporting materials, the decision was taken to create a new brand with ad-hoc typography and the pay off “AND MORE”: a wish for the company to continue to growing and evolving.