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Indian- Gelato d’Italia repositioning in the B2B ice-cream factory comakers has been accompanied by an entirely restyling of its corporate identity. The transformation starts from the new logo: created by interpreting most of the themes and values that the company wants to express, giving it a fresh and coherent look & feel. This was followed by the creation of the corporate identity based on a total new visual language, concerning: marketing tools, stationary, stand and website.




Brand Identity Design / Digital Design


Food service / B2B


Every component of Indian- Gelato d’Italia logo has been completely redesigned: ideogram, colours, script and lock-up. The goal was to create a modern and fresh look and feel communicating the company main themes and evoking the world of ice cream, the Italian style and experience of taste. The new logo, consisting of an ideogram and a customized typography, represents at the same time the union and integration of skills.

The ideogram is composed by circular elements that evoke the company main themes of partnership, expertise and modernity, while the study on the typography customization evokes the ice cream world and its industrial sector. Italian style and know-how have been communicated in a very modern way, thanks to new red and green colours that give an unexpected, modern and fresh emphasis to the whole new brand identity. A very direct, confident and communicative payoff complete the logo creation, highlitghing what the company truly wants to be: Your Ice Cream Partner.



Stationary materials were created following the new visual language of the company. Gelato d’Italia’s new logo is not only a formal element of the company’s identity but it is the significant element that gives greater visibility to all of its instruments. The colours, the pictogram and payoff play with the layout through different weights of the stationary elements, giving them a strong, significant impact. The stationary materials give a fresh and recognizable look and & feel. In addition to the core components, we developed subitems that emphasize the main theme of the company through the payoff, interpreted as a graphic element.



The Visual language was also created through a new image system: Nascent made the art direction of shooting with the aim of valorise the range of products, using real ice creams, giving them an emotional loook and feel following contemporary trends with an editorial style. Through the use of materic background, raw materials and blurs effects, products appear now with an artisanal soul.


Thanks to the new visual elements, the company profile tells about Gelato d’Italia essence through a wide use of the images. The pictogram becomes an iconic and representative symbol as a fil rouge in all the document, creating an unique and distinctive pattern and graphic motif of the visual identity. To represent corporate numbers and data, customized info graphic are used to enrich and characterize the fresh and contemporary corporate language.


The new product catalog shows the wide range of products by combining emotional images and functional tools. Through an initial visual index, the wide range of products is shown: product categories are introduced by a page separator on a still life image, while the individual product is shown through the creation of icon system ad hoc that illustrate every single ice cream. All technical information are reorganized into tables with a clear and immediate fruition.


Video contents has been created following the same image guidelines: the goal is to strengthen corporate identity, document and enhance the company. This action gives a chance to maximize the company’s

reputation, delivering its image and knowhow to the clients. The company and its protagonists are told through a reportage approach: spontaneous and not perfect footage. The expressively video making describes production in its various phases, from raw material to final product, in an emotional way, although industrial.


In occasion of the PLMA fair we redesigned the stand as a presentation of the new brand identity and showcase of products. Lights, levels and transparencies mix with natural materials (mainly wood) create a warm and welcoming environment. Communication plays with the logo, creating a pattern that runs all up around the walls.


The website is one of the key tools for communicating the new identity of Indian-Gelato d’Italia. Contemporary layout combine with the use of the latest implementation technologies, creates a dynamic, simple and

enjoyable navigation experience. The interface is characterized by three basic principles: fluid scrolling and no click, meaningful use of images / video backgrounds to support content and finally all technical information about products are reorganized into tables with a clear and immediate fruition.