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Complete re-branding design that would reinforce the leading market position of La Gardenia Profumerie – one of the largest Italian retailers in the perfumery industry. Creation of a unique logotype, as well as redesigning the brand icon and a new typography, all of which embody the new brand values such as elegance, value, style, innovation and femininity.






Concept / Brand Strategy / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Web Interaction / Retail design


Beauty / Cosmetics


New online strategy designed to differentiate what is essential in a website which satisfies needs in terms of content and user service, which is crucial in the beauty world.

Emphasis on product photographs, strong perception of the brand, evaluation of “engagement” content. Introduction of an online magazine with text content, photographs and video advice produced independently and managed by La Gardenia editorial staff.


The retail concept develops today’s common imaginary about the perfumery universe, rethinking perfumery as a place of abandoned senses. The Project provides great flexibility in defining wide window displays and rational fitting products, creating visual hierarchies and diversified attention points. A multifunctional system, based on joinable modules helps to satisfy the business as well as commercial needs. Red lacquered wood, Plexiglas, shiny steel are part of the modern and elegant retail space.


Corporate identity study and development, paying specific attention to the creation of graphic and marketing tool formats used during the entire year. Creative projects dedicated to special occasions like festivities or holidays, such as dedicated window display settings and decorations, along with packaging and shoppers.

A constant day-by-day work based on coherence and creative innovation. Institutional materials and special event occasions cohabit and communicate the values of La Gardenia Profumerie: elegance, quality, style, innovation and femininity.


Corporate identity study and development, paying specific attention to the creation of  graphic and marketing tool formats used during the whole year. Creative projects dedicated to special occasions like festivity or holiday, like

dedicated window display settings and decorations, along with packaging and shoppers. A constant day-by-day work based on coherence and creative innovation. Institutional materials and special event occasions live together to communicate to costumers the values of La Gardenia profumerie: elegance, quality, style, innovation and femininity.