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La Gardenia is one of the most prominent chains of perfumeries and beauty products in Italy, now part of Leading Luxury Group. They wanted a complete rebrand, supporting their market position.




Concept / Brand Strategy / Corporate Identity / Packaging Design / Web Interaction / Retail design


Beauty / Cosmetics


Part of the rebrand included a new online presence, which needed to focus on content and user service, experience and engagement.

An emphasis of product photographs and imagery along with strong brand identity messaging and values – elegance, value, style and femininity, were key in the creation of the web design. La Gardenia also introduced an online magazine containing articles, imagery and video content, independently produced and managed by them.


The retail store concept focused on conveying a contemporary feel of the fragrance and beauty world. The design was created with flexibility and multifunctionality in mind, with joinable modules, space for wide window displays and visual hierarchies with diversified attention points. Emphasising a modern and elegant feel red lacquered wood, Plexiglas and stainless steel were used.


As part of the brand development of La Gardenia, Nascent worked with the marketing team to create marketing collateral and displays throughout the year for promotional incentives and holiday and festive occasions. Materials such as shoppers, dedicated window displays and shop decoration were produced, along with corporate and various marketing materials.


Atelier is the premium brand of La Gardenia, which selects particular products for display and sale, with premium packaging and brand seal. Nascent developed the brand concept for Atelier, to enable it to stand alone or as part of La Gardenia’s retail spaces, including the seal design, packaging and retail stands and system.