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Safe is a swimwear brand born in 2014 from the smart intuition of three friends from Milan. After several trips together around the world – sailing across the Mediterranean, relaxing on a terrace in Malibu, diving in the Caribbean – they got their inspiration from a series of events: every time they went somewhere, someone lost their personal belongings – keys, sunglasses or documents.
It’s in thailand that the brand idea came to life. “Safe” stands for that sense of security, knowing your pockets sealed and feeling free to enjoy amazing trips and experiences. It was simple – just make the practical essential and zip up your life with “safe.” Saying that if the side pockets of their swimsuit had zippers, all those important things would then be “SAFE!”




Brand Identity Design / Corporate Identity


Digital / Marketing


After start up phase, they understood they need an image more distinctive and strong for a repositioning on the place market. So, the starting point was the study and design of the new logo. The distinguishing feature of the logo is the new ideogram: an airplane. Looking for something evocative of the story of brand: a story made of several trips and experiences together all around the world.

It’s not only a formal element of the company’s identity but it is also the most significant element with the greatest visibility and awareness. We wanted to develop a logo and brand identity that remained faithful to positive thinking and engaging personality expressing attributes like unexpected, unconvential and cosmopolitan.


The new brand image was followed by restyling of global brand identity. The company’s profile, stationary elements, product element (ticketing and labelling), internal documents and web site as a natural evolution of its new identity. The graphic design reflects everywhere a clean, elegant and minimal style.


The brand profile is not just a guide to Safe’s story and his products, it is also an invitation to take part in the brand philosophy and his lifestyle, an open door into the world of the luxury wanderers and an encouragement to write the next chapters together.


We designed and created the new brand concept: the URBAN BEACHWEAR.Safe is the brand where a metropolitan vibe meets the fun spirit of the beach lifestyle, blended into a casual, elegant and refined style.
Safe also represents and reflects the soul, the spirit of Milan and his milanese style.
Milanese style is simple yet unpredictable, elegant yet creative, comfortable yet smart.
The brand was born here but with a view to conquer the world.


The project has been developed via multidisciplinary approach. We ideated all the communication materials with the new visual identity: more effective, more distinctive and recognazible. So the lookbook and the product catalogue have a new identity that reflect the new nature of Safe: a brand storyteller, emotional and expressive.


The company’s website and the relative social networks have been completely customised, following all the guidelines of its new identity. The airplane ideogram even when used individually, becomes the unmistakable icon of the company.