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Vebi Istituto Biochimico is a dynamic biochemical firm with over 70 years of experience in the field of production and sales of high quality products. The company has two divisions, cosmetics and biochemical.
They needed a new, more contemporary, and evolved identity to reflect the brand’s innovative approach and new brand positioning.
Nascent was engaged to create a new visual identity for the brand’s portfolio architecture and corporate materials.


Brand Identity Design / Brand Architecture


Biochemical / Beauty and Health


We started by decoding the structure and relationship between the master brand and the divisions and created a logo that reflected both sides visually, and emotionally. Using geometrical shapes to represent two related but separate spaces, along with the colours green and purple to convey the individual emotional aspects, we created a logo that combined both science and feeling. This also allowed us to form a brand pattern that was usable throughout other corporate material.

For the consumer level brands under Vebi biochemical we worked on the logos for Vebi garden, Vebi Tech and Vebi Bio. In the Vebi garden line, we softened the shape of the “V” and smoothed the typography, which was repeated for Vebi Tech and Vebi Bio. With Vebi Tech we added a grey background mirroring the technical field within which the brand operates and for Vebi Bio line, a green background.


By creating a visual identity that reflected the architecture and portfolio and complemented the different divisions and product lines Vebi makes, we allowed them to reflect a coherent brand strategy and positioning throughout that resonates with their customers and consumers at various levels of engagement and use, both technically and emotionally.