1000 Miglia
The iconic race
A unified design system

1000 Miglia is the iconic historical automotive race. Every year 400 selected cars from all over the globe show their lines and their muscles while driving from Brescia to Rome. All the natural and artistic Italian surroundings contribute to make this race one of the most inspiring catwalk of Made in Italy. A never ending journey through the roads of elegance, passion and art. 1000 Miglia is a timeless way of life.

The project
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Digital Design
  • Event

Reinventing an historic brand while creating a new language capable to engage a broader and younger audience, it’s not an easy task. The unique Freccia Rossa. Heritage towards the future.
This is the heart of the new visual identity that Nascent has created for the brand. A new modern identity, contaminated by fashion, art and design, for a refreshed business relevance and a renewed commercial expansion. An exclusive way of living that contains the engine of beauty
and the fuel of beauty drivers. Of any age.

A modern identity
for a lifestyle brand
The concept of the new language

Starting from typography design, we’ve created an identity that reflects the new positioning and brand extension.
The spirit of the race is evoked by the stretched letters, metaphor of dynamism and speed.

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The digital experience

From social media channels to the website platform, everything is accurately designed and coherent in order to give an engaging digital experience.

The editorial materials

The identity is articulated through a wide range of materials. Each tool is strongly characterised and recognisable, always coherent with
the brand language.

The innovation of
1000 Miglia family
The new identities

After the 2018 successes, 1000 Miglia gives life to new events that celebrate the passion for cars and technological innovation towards a sustainable future. We've created these brand identities, born from 1000 Miglia brand.


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