The human light
A new language for an Iconic brand

Artemide is a design icon. But it is also an icon of sustainability, intuition and foresight. Designing new concept destinations, generating interactions, transforming spaces into living places are the foundations of all its projects. Because Light Design for Artemide means accepting the responsibility for the way we want to live and illuminate our future.

The project
  • Brand Architecture
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New digital technologies must help us to be increasingly free and aware. For Euroluce 2019, during the Milano Design Week, Nascent developed a new language, strongly digital and typographic, in line with the highest values โ€‹โ€‹of Artemide. From the catalogue to the magazine, from the mini-website to the set-up of the stands, everything converges towards a single direction. Man is at the centre because he is free to choose how to interact with light. A technological humanism designed for a more sustainable, innovative and participatory future.

The future of light
is everyone's future
A new language for an iconic brand

Nascent designed a mini-website, with remarkably innovative and distinctive graphic animations and transitions, aimed at giving more strength and visibility to the new language of Artemide starting from the Milano Design Week 2019.

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A sustainable language to talk about future

The Architectural catalogue and the magazine are tools to tell all the Artemide 2019 news. They are unique and distinctive means of communication, capable of anticipating a dream and accompanying consumers to live a strong and innovative experience also on paper.


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