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UniCredit is “Banking that matters”. In every moment and throughout every step, from services to communication. The brand positioning is intuitive and simple, open-minded and impactful, empathetic and positive. Because UniCredit is a reliable brand, able to reach its target with a bespoke dialogue always embedded in
real life. 

The project
  • Brand Identity Design

How to create a set of guidelines to control a huge production of data visualisation contents across different countries. UniCredit asked us to define the general concept and guidelines for static & web infographics and data visualization as well as solutions for motion design and video communication. Creating a unique and coherent brand language with distinctive souls for different targets: institutional, real life and cartoon. Because what matters most in branded communication is to build integrated systems for a long-term credibility.

Unleashing a new brand
communication system
Institutional style

The style is specialist but simple, intuitive and appealing. It’s characterised by graphic visual representations of information, data and knowledge.

Real life style

The style is comunicative and appealing. Data and graphs are enriched by real life images and emotional scenes.

Visual & Info Design Styleguide

We’ve designed a styleguide manual to be used for any piece of information by UniCredit. The document contains a set of tools and rules regarding colours, fonts, pages and graphics.

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Cartoon style

The style uses cartoon figures to make complex topics more easy to be understood and to appeal mostly on retail and B2C communications. The result is a friendly, fresh and essential style.


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