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No longer opposites, but complementary elements. No more contradictions, but new meanings. No more reality, but potential. In a constant flow of ideas, languages and projects. Able to shape reality, transforming imagination into action.



– Let’s try to make it Green –

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If we eliminate banknotes, will the trees thank us? Well, no. Too easy. Virtual gold is having ever growing real impact. Economic course, but not only. It seems that fintech also has a strong environmental impact, because of the digital systems used, which have very high power consumption. And then, along with Criptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain we must also analyze another word, just as fashionable but much less “virtual” than others. The word is Green. Will this be the colour of Fintech? IBM, CapGemini, WU, Oracle, JP Morgan, UBS will speak about this subject in London at the Fintech World Forum 2018, in late May this year.

– A paradise for Googlers –

“Never mix work and private life” they’ve always said. But what if our home-office were transported in Sunnyvale, California, and if we could discuss work, tweet and change the destiny of the world as we ride our bikes or we put on our rollerblades to move from one meeting room to an internet cafe or to an exhibition space? The Sunnyvale “house- working” project today includes 4,500 potential googlers/residents, brilliant experimenters of a revolutionary model of work-life where “community” means primarily to “build the future together.” Not just employees, but pioneers of new business horizons, re-designed by the greatest architects in the world.

Remote fitness
Home sweet home

In the 80s there were the videotapes with Jane Fonda, now it’s called Home Fitness. An explosive trend consisting in thousands of platforms, programmes, communities, brands and fit-celebrities that allow you to work on your fitness from anywhere. More or less cardio, more or less cool, more or less premium. From Nike to Mypersonaltrainer, from yoga to crossfit, from a simple mattress to a house full of props of all kinds. Now that the workout was transferred into your living-room and the personal trainer of your friend in your smartphone, there are no more excuses (nor armchairs) for anybody. Be fit!