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— For a Mobile and Reversible Future

Welcome to the space and functions hybridisation era, where people and things are able to self-destroy and regenerate and constantly live new lives.

Moving and evolving materials, grown as living beings rather than industrial products. Furniture able to change shape and function.

Following the tracks left by snails and created by their vicious film, researchers  from the University of Pennsylvania have recreated Phema, an adhesive substance able to seal very strongly but at the same time to reverse only adding a little water.

“Borrowing from nature only what we can give back” will be our mantra for the future. And it’s actually what Aborigines in Australia already used to do some thousands years ago.


— Milan Sharing

Helbiz, the leading brand for sharing electric scooters has landed in Milan in October and it already has two big competitors: Circ, from Zurich, and Lime, at first a milanese bike sharing company.

The new sustainable micromobility sharing is still a test in Milan, but apparently competition is already fierce.

And rules are still confused. Road or sidewalk? Electric scooter, segway, monowheel or hove-board? The issue still needs to be perfected, but the test already became a trend and Milanese people quickly fly on their two wheels, from a meeting to a drink, from the gym to the spa.


— Travel Responsibly

If there were a commercial the testimonial wouldn’t be an ascetic up in the mountains, but a manager stopping over at Heathrow and ready to fly to the Emirates. Today in the airports you can do yoga. In San Francisco, Chicago, London, Dallas, Hong Kong they created the yoga rooms, where between one flight and another you can find meditation, breathing and physical practice classes.

A way to relax, and much more. A little trick to quickly regenerate, overcome jet-lag and be active and productive in a shorter time. And the yoga room becomes a Starbucks competitor.

Less coffee, more yoga.