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The Venn Platform

Social Networking and Neighbourhood Services

Revisiting the kibbutz model in a modern way, the Venn platform has found a way, through its technology, expertise and experience, to bring back a feeling of neighbourhood.

neighbourhood is made up of the residents there

The platform has been able to use the power of the community to build better neighbourhoods for those who live there, but also for real estate developers and local businesses, restoring a sense of belonging. While the pandemic isolated people from each other and caused people to move out of urban centres, Venn’s projects in Tel Aviv reduced by 37% the exodus from the neighbourhood, becoming increasingly popular and attracting new investors.

“A neighbourhood is not made up of those who move to it, but of those who stay there. Our goal is to make people want to stay, live and participate actively and long-term in the life of their neighbourhoods,” says Avni, one of the founders of Venn.

Born in Tel Aviv in 2017 by the idea of three friends – Bokobza, David Sherez and Chen Avni – who shared the dream of raising their families side by side, today the platform manages, increases, and values ​​important neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, Tel Aviv, Kansas City and Berlin, by announcing funding of 60 million dollars to expand their business and always reach more cities.