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Mental Health for Students

From the northern to the southern hemisphere, the discussion around students’ mental health is changing, and thanks to technology new ways of support are being explored and implemented.

online learning brings attention to mental health among children

New Zealand start-up Komodo is a communication channel for students and school staff offering a digital space to understand and monitor young New Zealanders’ well-being. The pandemic and the mass shift to online learning have turned the spot on the importance of mental health among school-aged children, accelerating the start-up’s growth. Komodo’s software crosses student data with surveys developed by psychologists to identify people who may be at risk and promptly help them to deal with common problems such as cyberbullying, harassment, anxiety and depression.

Ran by two Brits who met at Canterbury University in Christchurch, Komodo is already working with a large number of schools in New Zealand and Australia, with growing international interest and with a fundraiser that has already reached 1.7 million dollars.

“I dream that Komodo will eventually be able to support any student, anywhere in the world and in any learning environment. School should be the place where every student is placed in the ideal conditions to give his best.” Comments Chris Bacon, co-founder at Komodo.