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June 2023


LinkedIn's new global campaign recounts how you can become anything you can imagine using the platform's tools.

Designed by communications agency Droga5, it is the story of a little girl in her parents' laundromat, which quickly transforms into a magical space where clothes take on a life of their own. The protagonist tries on different clothes, each of which explores her potential and represents a different possible career.

"Find jobs, find career advice, find community, find your In." This is the claim of the commercial, which in an imaginative, hyperbolic but unpretentious way, relaunches the world of work not as an increasingly difficult challenge, but as a container of possible dreams.

It is not about who you know right now, but who and what you can meet to turn your potential into the right opportunity.


It has been defined "big quit" that post-pandemic phenomenon that has observed an exponential growth of resigning workers.

More than 2 million resignations were recorded in Italy in 2022, and the number of people under 40 who decided to quit increased by 26%. But quitting to do what? The phenomenon describes a country in search of a greater work-life balance.

The permanent job and the career at all costs, ambitions that for decades have conditioned the choices of entire generations, are no longer a driving or aspirational model today. People prefer to imagine themselves doing smart work in increasingly smart places. People prefer to think of themselves as having a seasonal job that allows for months of vacation; in some cases they also prefer to have more time and less money to balance the three dimensions of work well-being: psychological, relational and physical.

However, 80% of those who left their jobs in the post-pandemic years admit to regretting their old jobs, thus starting a new trend, that of "big regret." Among the main reasons, the one most cited by workers is the difficulty encountered in finding new employment. Many of the dreams subtitled "I quit everything and change my life" ended up stranded on the couch at home, thus creating a new awareness. A more fulfilling life almost never coincides with a lazier life.

Adyen. the future is online.

Adyen, the online payments giant, has announced that the next frontier is to increasingly integrate on/off-line.

According to CEO Peter Van Der Does, the future is neither online nor offline: the future is onlife. His strategy is called unified commerce: an overlap of physical and virtual in which there will be less and less need to distinguish boundaries.

Today, physical stores are increasingly becoming service points to online ones. Yet eliminating them would be a mistake. Joint presence is what works. You go to the store, try on a garment, and if you want it in a size or color that isn't there you get it delivered directly to your door from the e-store. That way you've saved yourself from ordering 4 sizes and making 3 returns.

What about customer service? Can the use of AI to interact with customers be enough? Again, one service should not exclude the other, Van Der Does comments. "Chatbots are used in customer service because they can gather all the relevant information better than humans, but to work at a more sophisticated level you need human interaction because the person who asks is sometimes not even aware of what they want. Therefore the presence of a live interlocutor is crucial."

beerwashing by Corona

The David agency based in São Paulo and Bogotà is launching a campaign for the Corona brand called Coronaless, which involves removing beer bottles from advertisements.

Why should Corona make its beers disappear? It is all explained in the video accompanying the campaign, titled "We Returned the Bottle from this Ad, Return Yours." in which viewers see the beer digitally removed from printed ads. The five campaign ads are a celebration of nature and beaches, settings that belong to the brand, and are also creative reminders to keep the environment we live in clean.

Corona encourages drinkers in Germany, Uruguay and Brazil to recycle through an ad campaign that talks about a very serious issue, that of sustainability, in a fun and creative way. Perhaps brands have also realized that instead of continuing to greenwash, it may be more strategic to do "beerwashing" with more levity, irony and awareness.

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