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refresh brand of active life and sports excellence

Yamamoto is a leading Italian brand that specialises in functional and sports nutrition products, offering best ingredients and premium formulations, and is 100% made in Italy.

    founded on scientific bases, yamamoto chooses the best products as allies for your well-being.

The brand relies on the best ingredients for the development of premium formulations, offering products ranging from protein and performance supplements to vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Nascent was appointed with the task of refreshing the visual identity including the brand icon for Yamamoto Active Wear line, to seize the opportunity of expressing a more unique and distinctive value.

stem from the brand name’s japanese association, we explored two semantic universes: hard core sport japanese heritage.

   reinterpreting the “Y” in an abstract way is crucial in refreshing the brand icon.
We took inspiration from the crests and armours of ancient noble samurai families — an universally known symbol of strength, vigor, dedication and perseverance.

the refreshed logo in its three forms is presented in applications ranging from apparel and merchandise to communication touchpoints.

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