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August 2022

pinterest, PinFlexible

“At Pinterest, we know that our best work happens when we feel most inspired.” That’s what the company’s founder said when announcing PinFlex, a Pinterest-exclusive work model that gives employees the freedom to live and work flexibly.

While the pandemic forced us to work flexibility, some brands have managed to transform it into a company strength that can be developed using a regulated business model. We all know that some work can be done perfectly anywhere, which is why the company encourages employees to work wherever they prefer, whether it’s at home, a Pinterest office, or another virtual location.

Pinterest allows eligible full-time employees to work outside of their country of employment, for up to 3 months in a 12-month period. PinFlex encourages flexibility while prioritising in-person interactions in a new “office without borders” capable of spreading inspiration globally.

“Our employees told us that the most inspired and impactful work is completed from anywhere in the world, and we agree! We’re excited to empower our global employees to travel, have new experiences, and come to work more and more inspired every day.”

twitter’s infographic innovation

If talking about the weather was once considered a “pastime for the elderly” or “a speech from a lift,” it has now become a priority topic, particularly on social media.

Twitter launched #ExtremeWeather, an infographic platform to drive discussion about climate change. Along with the hashtag, Twitter launched an initiative to encourage developers and researchers to disseminate data, explain issues in digestible formats, and use aggregated tweets to build user data that can be linked to research publications for analysis.

“Are you a developer, researcher, or business working to bring attention to or build solutions that help address the climate crisis? Explore our #ExtremeWeather visualisation, tell us what you think at @TwitterDev, or discuss what you’re doing on our developer forums.” This is Twitter’s appeal to developers, who have emerged as critical pawns in the race to confront, raise awareness of and solve the environmental disaster. The role of infographic developers is critical: visualising data through colourful, eye-catching, and innovative infographics means easier and faster information digestion.

Redefine Meat with 3d printing

“Any meat imaginable, reimagined” the company copy line reads. As the race to provide diners with the best meat alternatives heats up, an Israeli start-up, Redefine Meat, is producing so-called “whole cuts” of plant-based meat using 3D printers.

“We believe that the world deserves a New-Meat™, a plant-based meat that is both good for the environment and kind to animals,” Ben-Shitrit says, “Redefine Meat’s New-Meat™ delivers uncompromising and extraordinary culinary experiences with its taste, texture, and aroma.”

A five-course dinner was served at London’s Chotto Matte, where the experience was organised for a large-scale tasting. 50 chefs, restaurant owners, and food critics were invited, and the majority of them were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, dubbed “New Meat.”

According to the company, New Meat is made with a variety of proprietary and patented technologies as well as plant-based ingredients such as chick peas. The Redefine Meat R&D team started by studying real cuts of meat; they even developed AI to observe the texture of meat in order to replicate it to the point where all senses would be fooled.

Dreamliners: the best sleep in the sky

Air New Zealand’s new Dreamliners, due to arrive in 2024, will provide customers with more comfort options than any airline in the world, bringing the best sleep in the sky regardless of the cabin they choose to fly in. The new experience is centred on creating a “home away from home” that leaves customers refreshed and ready to go when they arrive at their destination.

“New Zealand’s location puts us in a unique position to lead on the ultra-long-haul travel experience. We have zeroed in on sleep, comfort, and wellness because we know how important it is for our customers to arrive well-rested,” said Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran.

Over the course of 5 years, extensive customer research revealed the importance of a good night’s sleep as well as the need for more space and comfort. The airline’s goal is to provide the best flying experience possible, and the new cabin, combined with world-class Kiwi hospitality, is the winning formula.

The Premier Luxe Suite will offer the ultimate experience of space and privacy for Business customers, with a fully closing door and space for two to dine. Skynest will be the world’s first sleep pods in the sky for Economy customers. A game changer for economy travellers: a new luxury experience for anyone who wants to ditch the headrest in favour of some bedrest.

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