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February 2023

The Degenerate. Regenerates.

Meet The Degenerate, the world’s only plastic-free, bio-based shoes launched by UNLESS Collective. Designed to naturally decompose, The Degenerate are durable, comfortable and chic sneakers unlike other conventional sustainable footwear.

In the current market, the vast majority of shoes (even those built more sustainably) are made with plastics and other petrochemicals, which break down into harmful micro-plastics that find their way into our rivers and oceans, soil, food, and even our bodies.

The Degenerate is the first product to use bio-based, 100% plastic-free performance materials and low-impact textiles like linen and cotton embroidered lace tips.

"Fast fashion will continue to cover the world in plastic, UNLESS…" this is where the brand’s story and mission begins. A brand that is putting into practice what is increasingly present in the minds of consumers, making shoes that are truly circular, can be safely returned to nature to become nutrients for healthy soil or provide inputs for the next cycle of consumer products.

Scribble to co-branding

Who hasn’t heard of Mr. Greedy, Mr. Bump or Little Miss Sunshine? Mr. Men and Little Miss is a children’s book series that is adored by both kids and parents.

Mr. Tickle was Hargreaves’ first Mr. Men character, inspired by his son Adam, who had asked him what a tickle looked like. It was the year 1971. Since then, more than a hundred characters have been created, each with an ethical message but never a rhetorical one.

The books’ simple stories and brightly coloured, boldly drawn illustrations have sold over 100 million copies in 28 countries worldwide. In addition to being funny and charming, all of Mr. Men and Little Miss’ characters have become true "influencers," to the point where some brands have chosen to begin a partnership with Mr. Men.

ECOVER, a well-known brand of bio detergents and cleansers, has just launched LITTLE MISS WASTE LESS. Sporting a blue body and green hair, Little Miss Waste has been designed to resemble planet Earth, and her story is intended to inspire young readers to reuse and refill in order to reduce plastic waste.

This is the story of a scribble that grew into a franchise, a brand, and now a meaningful co-branding success.

The Eye of Mexico

Situated in the Nuevo Polanco area in Mexico City, the Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco is a real estate complex that houses The Eye of Mexico.

Created by MASSIVart and Istanbul-based creative studio Ouchhh, the artificial intelligence art installation attracts visitors into the commercial areas of the complex while providing a centrepiece for residents, building a sense of community.

Designed to increase the urban lifestyle experience for the tenants, residents, and customers, the movement, energy and innovation of the complex is precisely what inspired The Eye of Mexico.

The sense of dynamism infused into the complex is showcased in the sculpture, which uses demographic, urban, and mobility data in its mesmerising displays.

As an insight into how the people of Mexico move, the project can be considered ‘a portal towards the future’ of Mexico City and other urban spaces, exploring patterns and changes of mobility across the country.

Ice cream Unlocks Potential

Beloved ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, which rarely shied from taking stances on social issues like abortion, racial justice or climate change, joined Unlock Potential, a hiring program that works with major corporations to offer long-term employment for at-risk youth. The ice cream purveyor said the program aims to "advance racial equity, recruit the next generation of corporate leaders and help disrupt the poverty-to-prison pipeline."

Study shows that formerly incarcerated people suffer among the highest rates of unemployment, and that their total lifetime earnings can be diminished by more than 30%. In the United States, where one in every three adults has a criminal record, having access to stable jobs is a critical component in assisting young people most at risk of becoming delinquent.

The initiative targets young people aged 16 to 24 who are not employed or receiving an education and who have additional risk factors for incarceration including an incarcerated parent, association with sex or human trafficking, a history with the juvenile justice system and involvement in the foster care system.

As program participants, a number of Ben & Jerry’s locations will match with prospective hires with the goal of offering long-term employment with opportunities for career advancement.

While Unlock Potential aims to create valuable career opportunities for young people, the program also offers the benefit of helping organisations like Ben & Jerry’s fill positions amid a historic labor shortage and invest in future leadership.

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