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March 2024

   Dragon Year. Even the beers toast with the dragon.

2024 marks the year of the Wood Dragon. Wood is associated with growth and flexibility, while the Dragon symbolises power, strength and luck.

Many brands have decided to ride on the Chinese symbolism by transforming the powerful and mystical energy of the dragon into a capsule collection.

In the beer market, Carlsberg is launching new cans inspired by the dragon dance and printed with a special ink that turns the dragon's pearl from yellow to orange in cold weather.Japanese beer Asahi, on the other hand, chooses to join forces with artist Hermippe to celebrate the year of the dragon, who interprets the mythological animal with his typical pixel graphics.

The concept that the brands borrow from the dragon and make their own is that of change and transformation. And even in the new packaging proposals, the desire to dare shines through, creating something that goes beyond expectations.

   Enhanced Games. Compete without drug testing.

In 1967, the International Olympic Committee banned performance enhancement with doping substances. Since then, there has been an increasingly heated diatribe between doping and anti-doping and between sport and science.

Yet history tells us that performance therapy has always been an integral part of human history: from the Tarahumara tribe to the ancient Greek Olympians, athletes have always tried to reach their maximum potential through PEDs (performance enhanced drugs).

It is this paradigm that inspires the Enhanced Games initiative, which proposes the regulation of a parallel sports world where athletes can compete safely but without doping tests. "We believe in the inclusion of science in sport and we believe that the Enhanced Games is a celebration of the union of athletic excellence and scientific achievement," says Dr. D'Souza, president of the Enhanced Games, adding that to ensure the safety of athletes during competition, a comprehensive pre-race medical screening protocol will be introduced, which will help monitor cardiac risks and other health indicators.

Whether the Enhanced Games will remain just a provocation or become a real Olympic alternative, time, and hopefully common sense, will tell.

   Facebook. 20 years of relationship.

It was 2004 when a promising young Harvard scholar named Mark Zuckerberg first launched an innovative site where each user owned a personal page. It was called Facebook and today it celebrates its 20th birthday.

What has happened in the meantime? In 2007, the Silicon Valley bigwigs began to realise Zuckerberg's product potential and Microsoft announced that it had bought a stake in the platform. From there everything proceeded exponentially and in October 2012 it was announced that Facebook had reached one billion monthly active users.

With the purchase of Instagram, the social network empire begins to expand under the wing of what can be considered its founder. Different eras follow one another: from challenges to fake news, from political propaganda to hackers, passing through the topic of privacy and its alleged violation.

In 2021, Facebook became Meta, projecting itself into the future as a company dedicated to the creation of a shared metaverse. Some, especially among the young, consider it obsolete, but that white f on a blue field will struggle to disappear from the scene.

   NYBG. Sustainability, in the heart of the Bronx.

Rooted in the heart of the Bronx since 1891, the New York Botanical Garden is not only the largest botanical garden in New York City and one of the largest in the United States, it is also a centre of connection between people, plants and the planet.

The NYBG covers 100 hectares with more than 50 different garden and greenhouse areas, a river running through it, a waterfall and mature trees over 36 metres tall or over 300 years old. It is estimated that there are more than one million different plant specimens within the botanical garden. But NYBG does not only grow plants and flowers. Everything here is about exchange and contamination through botanical experiences, art, music and events with some of the most influential figures in plant science, horticulture and the humanities. Enthusiastic educators and scientific adventurers are committed to helping nature thrive together with the next generation of botanists, gardeners, landscape architects and environmental stewards.

For more than 90 years at the NYBC, the School of Professional Horticulture has been training the world's best professional growers, while the International Plant Science Center never stops cultivating science to serve the planet. Starting right in the Bronx.
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