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December 2023

De Niro for Uber. The Great Cinema with a little Insight.

Robert De Niro, star of Taxi Driver and Sex Education star Asa Butterfield come together in Uber's new campaign spread across TV, video-on-demand broadcasters, cinema, digital and out-of-home. 

Masterful production, grandiose distribution, extremely simple insight. 

Created by agency Mother London, the campaign aims to communicate that Uber One is a subscription "for people who eat food and go places," which is pretty much everyone.  In this story we are taken behind the scenes of the movie theater. On a movie set, Butterfield nervously tries to win over De Niro by talking about the biggest obvious: eating and going places. And it is in this seeming obviousness that their friendship is born. For even in the most creative stories, it is the simplest things that bind people together, great actors included.

Lego Braille. Teaching playing.

Developed in collaboration with organizations protecting the visually impaired, Lego's signature braille bricks are now on the market.

The goal is to make learning the braille code more creative and fun for children with visual impairments and their families. But that's not all. Rasmus Logstrup Jensen, Lego's chief creative officer for partnerships and innovation, says, "We have developed them for everyone, so that sighted children can also interact better and better with blind children." 

The set contains 287 pieces, equipped with special tactile pads representing the numbers and letters of the Braille system.  To enhance the play experience and support the development of braille learning, Lego also created a site that, with more than 100 activities, games and video tutorials, promotes the popularization of a tactile language that aims to become increasingly fun, creative and inclusive.

Valley of Wonders. From Silicon to Cerebral.

The Cerebral Valley represents an exciting new scenario of collaboration between Silicon Valley and neuroscience.

The goal of this movement is to use knowledge from neuroscience to develop new technologies and products that can improve people's lives. Silicon/Cerebral Valley's entrepreneurial culture fosters a "fail fast, learn fast" approach, which encourages experimentation and continuous innovation in an environment where there is a high concentration of highly skilled talent, funding and resources capable of supporting increasingly ambitious projects.

In the heart of California, scientists can test ideas and prototypes quickly and efficiently, accelerating the process of developing new neuroscientific technologies. And of course, alongside them is an increasingly competitive and mind-blowing player: artificial intelligence.

Tech companies are investing huge sums to develop machine learning algorithms, conversational artificial intelligence, computer vision and robotics.

Fuckup Nights. Failure is good for you.

It is 2012 in Mexico City. From an evening among friends during which people share with others their mistakes and failures at work, a format was born that landed in major Italian cities, a few years later.

It is an evening in which 3 people, who in most cases have become successful professionals today, tell their story of failure for about 15 minutes, and then leave room for questions from the audience.

Who said failure is something to be ashamed of? What if it is instead a moment in our lives that takes us to a better place? Dating failure also becomes a success story at Base in Milan. "When we embark on a venture, whether small or large, the percentage of failure is infinitely higher than the percentage of success. Failure is part and parcel of human nature. What we can do is help each other overcome the frustration of failure." says Montserrat Fernandez Blanco, organizer of the Milan fuckup nights. 

Listening to stories of small and big failures can be very relaxing: it helps us exorcise the fear of failure at a time in history where we are told that you always have to be the best of the best to get what you want.
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