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From Italy to the Future


— Feeding Health with Technology

An ambitious project was born in Lombardy: the MIND FoodS HUB. The project aims to promote a global and ambitious vision of agri-food research as a trigger for innovation, development, and social responsibility. Coming from the larger project Mind – Milan Innovation District – MIND FoodS HUB is a collector of agri-food infrastructures and skills, aimed at enhancing the Lombard territory as well as creating a new important reference point on the international scene, also from a technological point of view.

From new generation farming to nutraceuticals, the difference will be above all the technical lever: thanks to an actual tech ecosystem, with different assets ranging from intelligent sensors to 3D imaging, and from the 5G to the cloud, the data of the infrastructures will be used and crossed with each other to support the development of innovative forecasting models and new cutting-edge protocols. A far-sighted project, totally Made in Italy, with all the prerequisites for being beneficial for the economy, the environment, and our health.


— The Tradition of the Know-how

AD Italia and eBay join in an initiative dedicated to the tradition of know-how. From Gaetano Pesce to Tobia Scarpa, from Gio Ponti to Paolo Venini: great Made in Italy companies donate 38 pieces – signed by the protagonists of the history of design – which are then sold on eBay. The initiative celebrates not only the importance of the “Made in Italy”, but most of all that of the “Made with Passion”, a trend making a comeback among an audience willing to rediscover the value of Italian tradition, design, and well-made.

AD Italy and eBay show that high craftsmanship matches perfectly with high technology and new designers’ generation. The proceeds from the auction are going to finance a special workshop for the Istituto Marangoni Milano Design students and alumni. By the end of 2021, the participants will present sustainable craft projects and see some of their selected prototypes’ actual production.


— The Near Future of Italian Culture

It will be the new Netflix of Italian culture, some say. Starting from the beginning of March, ITsART will give life to a new virtual stage, with a wide range of live and online recordings from theatre, music, cinema, dance, and all forms of art. Live and on-demand, with contents available in Italy and abroad. This digital platform is worth an investment of 10 million euros and is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems on the market.

ITsART was strongly desired by the Ministry of Culture and was created thanks to CDP and Chili. Its mission is to reunite the public with art, after a long period of distancing. Art cities and villages, scenes and museums, comedians and playwrights will be back to the stage on ITsART, giving art in all its forms the possibility to speak again, and allowing the artists for the potential of existing (but also surviving) in any circumstance.