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— Social/commerce Is the Answer

Pinduoduo is a platform that combines features from social networks and e-commerce. It started only in 2016, but in a few years, it has become the fifth company on the Chinese e-commerce market, not too far from one day reaching the Alibaba group. Its strengths are two: discounts and Group Buying, collective purchases to further reduce the cost.

In general, the platform provides its users with the most social experience possible,thanks to various marketing tools and gimmicks such as prizes, rewards, and interactive games.

All solutions that keep the user engagement high, stimulate the desire to shop, and extend their stay on the platform.

Buy, share, and enjoy. Those who manage to put together these three primary needs of the digital world are already on the road to success.


— Luxury Skins for Chinese Gamers

The British fashion brand Burberry created two outfits for the main character of one of the best-selling games in China: Honor of Kings. The two skins – designed by fashion designer Riccardo Tisci – can be purchased exclusively by Chinese players and express the desire of younger players to invest in their digital identity and not just in the real one.

The first outfit is dedicated to the heroine Yao, it includes a virtual version of the iconic beige trench coat with the checked interior, a cropped top, shorts, and high boots. The second one is a look selected from the Burberry SS21 collection.

The video game exploits the fame of the brand, but also vice versa. The marketing department declared that the history of the brand and the character of Mao are very similar and that “our clothes are designed to protect from the natural elements and in this case, they fit perfectly with Yao, the heroine destined to protect her teammates.”


— LGBTQ+ sponsored by Nike and Converse

Not everyone knows that voguing is a highly stylized dance that has its origins in New York, in the 1980s. In China, the success of this art form – made of surprising hand gestures and poses – has only gained popularity in the last 5 years. Voguing Shangai, a ballroom culture platform, has partnered with brands such as Nike and Converse to host dance competitions to support and represent the LGBTQ+ community.

With an estimated 40-70 million LGBTQ+ people, China has the largest queer community in the world, but despite this, queerness often remains a hidden and secret movement, because it is still subject to social discrimination. Voguing Made in China thus became the speaker for an open and free LGBTQ+ community, and through music and dance it helps people to feel seen, without feeling exposed.