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The Green Wolf


— At the Speed of Light

The first fully electric luxury hypercar is about to be launched. It is a car worthy of the power and speed of Formula 1 cars. It is the new Pininfarina Battista, whose name is a tribute to the founder of the well-known body shop: Battista, known as “Pinin”. With a very light chassis, made of carbon-fibre and an engine with an exceptional power of 1,900 HP, Battista will reach 350 km/h, going from 0 to 100 km/hr in 2 seconds.

The super sports electric car, whose futuristic designs come from the skilled hands of those working on the Pininfarina Spa design team, will be created by hand, in a limited series of only 150 units. A breathtaking look, a Ferrari engine, an unprecedented internal digitalization, a cost of 2 million euros. Italy can boast of a new masterpiece in the automotive world. Rumble of engines. Actually no, for once the power of the engine will have a completely different sound.


— The Password is Refill

We now know the paradox. Plastic lasts forever but it is often used only once. That’s why the smartest brands are interrupting this vicious circle by introducing on the market some very stylish packs, destined to remain on our shelves for a long time, because they are beautiful to display, as well as eco-sustainable. It’s called Blueland. It’s the new American brand of refillable soaps that claims “the cleaning of the planet starts with the cleaning of our homes”, a concept that we all widely experienced during the lockdown.

Blueland’s mission is extremely simple and practical, but no less fashionable. As Leonardo Da Vinci said “simplicity is the supreme sophistication”, and probably the refill is the most sophisticated expression of this going back to the maximum simplicity. Starting from the home, to get to the beauty. Even the icon of luxury Hermes tells us so, launching its new Rouge Hermes lipsticks, designed by Pierre Hardy: precious, poetic, functional but above all rechargeable.


— Sustainability: from Trend to Brand

A new sustainability brand is born, mainly dedicated to luxury niches. The Butterfly Mark is awarded to all those brands that meet sustainable and ethical criteria, according to the Positive Luxury. While the “cruelty-free” bunny or the V of Vegan have become immediately recognizable icons on the packs, what is missing is an authoritative and distinctive brand that gives credibility to the environmental promises, especially as regards the world of luxury.

The brand created by Positive Luxury is mainly assigned to fashion and beauty brands including Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kenzo, Krug and Moet-et-Chandon. Whitney Bauck, senior sustainability reporter at Fashionista says: “From now on, only brands that will embrace a sustainable vision of the world will continue to be part of the luxury market”. So let’s forget being chic without also being green.