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The Lucid Dreamer


— Phase 3 Has No Boundaries

Space, future and perseverance are the three keywords of all dreamers. Especially those who have very, very distant horizons such as astronauts and aerospace researchers.

“You need to know how to dream impossible things but also to wake up in order to do them” recalls astronaut Nespoli who, after spending over 300 days in space, landed at Bari’s Wired Digital Day 2020 to talk about spatial perspectives. The space economy is an area with infinite possibilities that also Italy, thanks to a long tradition in aeronautics and aerospace, should look at.

From the upstream phase – which involves the creation of space infrastructures, satellites or actual bases located on the Moon or on rocky planets of the solar system -, to the downstream phase – which reuses the data collected in space on Earth, with the ultimate goal of transforming and using on our planet also physical resources, such as precious metals, collected directly from space. A new hunt for gold beyond the earth’s borders? Yes, but this time mankind will need to prove to the whole solar system that it has acquired new levels of awareness and sustainability.


— Concerts from 12 Million People

Let’s imagine that from now on concerts can be held anywhere, with the only rule of maintaining the safety distance between people. What place would a rapper as Travis Scott or a globetrotter DJ as Steve Aoki choose? Probably the one where most people gather. Fortnite for example, the video game that hosts hundreds of millions of players around the world. A few days ago, Travis Scott’s experiment launched on Fornite’s Party Royale was an unprecedented success, that made over twelve million spectators dream, sing and dance.

A relaunch of the live music act on video game platforms that makes music even more accessible. For now, in fact, the concert ticket is free as long as you register on the platform.

A new way of making and listening to music, which is not only a consolation prize in this period of social distancing, but is an actual trend that will bring music giants to everyone’s homes with a cutting-edge format. On Fornite’s Royal Party, though, there is a second important rule to respect: no weapons, just fun.


— Back to Nature

Close your eyes and imagine New York, Paris and Milan becoming the perfect habitat for tigers, elephants and parrots. Of course, it takes a little imagination. The one that surely accompanied the project by the French photographer Chris Morin-Eitner called ‘Once Upon a Time Tomorrow’. Bears diving into the pool, penguins walking around the squares, wild boars stopped at the traffic lights.

Here’s how our cities could become if nature and animals really took their space back, just as we started seeing during this lockdown period.

What the artist imagined with a certain prophetic intuition – his photographic work began in 2012 – is “a sort of rediscovered garden of Eden, full of colours, shapes and poetry, where the hierarchy of straight corners and large empty spaces is replaced by the exuberance of nature, which grows in the most unexpected directions. ”

An artistic work but also a visionary dream, more or less rational, but certainly very, very green.