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— Women in the Kitchen? Yes, But in Space

Samantha Cristofetti is an ESA astronaut and military aeronautics pilot. For six months, as part of the long-term ASI mission “Futura”, she has lived and worked hundreds of kilometres from Earth, aboard the International Space Station. And from there, along with the scientific videos of planet Earth, she has sent us her “space show-cooking” videos.

Dishes created using the “bonus food”, special ingredients that astronauts take to the space to remind them of the tastes and flavours from home. Turmeric chicken with brown rice and peas, for example. From space, Samantha gave us a cooking lesson, but a life one. Perhaps weightlessness is the secret ingredient? After all, it always takes a certain amount of lightness, as well as competence, for experiments to work. From those in orbit to those in the kitchen.


— The Always Educational Campaign

Turn an insult into an encouragement. Like a girl Always campaign has been doing this for several years, using the advertising tool to explain to new generations how to neutralize preconceptions starting from the language. Words are powerful devices because they are full of explosive meanings. But working on it, the language can be made harmless again. A blank sheet of meanings to redesign.

The expression “like a girl” has become the workhorse of the Always brand, and in 2019 it seems that something has actually changed.Today’s girls, tomorrow’s teenagers, have internalized a new language where “Run like a girl” means “run as fast as you can” and “fight like a girl” is “fight and have fun”. Inventing new meanings, instead of trying to be all the same, can be a winning key, as well as a creative one. In the end, diversity is something we certainly have in common.


— Deputy and Gentlewoman

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez is a brilliant woman (and then also young, beautiful and kind). Born in The Bronx, she became the youngest ever Congresswoman in the United States, and she is still paying her university debt, as “we are all equal” before being a political ideal is a personal experience for her. Her father was a Puerto Rican working-class immigrant and her friends are all immigrants.

As are other 42 million inhabitants in the US. To make it happen a smile is not enough, but surely that of Alexandria is helping America to consolidate a new image. Powerful but gentle. With a black heart and pink shoes. No prejudices. Call her member of Congress, alpha woman, but also gentle sex is fine. It’s all true.