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— Young Ideas Have the Power to Shape Our World

In May, the competition Google Science Fair is going to select the best technological ideas of high school and university students, that will influence and revolutionize industries around the world. The best projects will be funded, tested and introduced on the market as soon as possible, in order to be tested and implemented.

Because the formula for success has to be found in the ideas of young talents, and it contains 3 crucial factors. Innovation, sustainability and vision.

Only then we will be able to set up that future that everyone is talking about. Our planet.


— A Future to Revamp

Even in the landscape of the iconic design, smart teen ideas are increasingly supported. Artemide has launched GenerAction, an ambitious project created to support GenZ’s passions and projects for a brighter future and a more appealing humanity.

And in the name of this increasingly inclusive and sustainable innovation, Innovation+, also Nascent has started a collaboration with Artemide. To bring to light the deepest insights, giving new strength and visual coherence to all its brand identity.


— Social, Strategic, Sustainable

There are two macro trends destined to be increasingly relevant: sustainability and social relations. And if you manage to combine them by adding a bit of strategy, you’re done. Why be a simple influencer when you could be an influencer capable of saving the world? This is the case of several startups that use very young influencers to ride the two currents.

A good example is the Boxed Water Project – ​​water in cardboard -, which with its latest social operation managed to kill two birds with one stone. Or rather, two trees with a post.

“Take a picture with Boxed Water, publish it with the hashtag #Retree and we’ll plant two new trees for you.”