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The Open Minder


— If Reality Scares, Let’s Try with Techno-fantasy

Exit reality. Enter imagination. States the new IG Enter Imagination account, which with 328,000 followers is having great success as a generation transversal creativity collector. Right or wrong, what social media increasingly communicate is that to express our artistic side it is enough to find the right mix between the two crucial ingredients of this 2020: creativity and technology.

With photography and editing tools increasingly accessible even to non-experts, today anyone, or almost anyone, can try their hand at artistic works capable of expressing all the beauty that stands behind reality. A reality that we often need to bypass with imagination. Searching, experimenting, opening up to new things. Sometimes attitude precedes talent. This does not mean that we are all artists and photographers but that today, thanks to the accessibility of digital tools, we can all try to wonder “how would I tell the world if I were an artist?”


— Designing New Squares, But Also Designing New Relationships

The central theme of the last day of the Wired Next Fest was “planning the future”.

An example of this is the Mind district, the Milano Innovation District: a new city, still invisible but under development. “We often have in mind the material part of a neighbourhood, a part made up of buildings and infrastructures”, explained art director Edoardo Nardella “but there is then all the intangible part, made up of relationships, exchanges between centre and suburbs, people with their own mentality and sensitivity”.

Milan is considered the most open and productive city in Italy, the capital of business and art. Precisely for this reason, it is not enough to simply build buildings. True edification occurs only when the man is placed (MESSO) in the centre, with his needs, dreams and ambitions. “If Mind will successful” continues digital strategist of the project Gaia Bregalanti “it will not only be for the built part, but for the whole innovation ecosystem that it will be able to set up, involving new generations, facilitating cultural contamination and fighting forms of discrimination and bullying.”


— New Lifestyles Starting from Old Brands

Stop. Who said we have to go back to normal? This is the kickoff of the commercial of the new integrated Coca Cola campaign “Open like never before”. The historic brand becomes the spokesperson for a message that breaks with the past and offers us a new lifestyle, all to be thought out again. While the other brands were churning out rather homologated advertisements around the lockdown, Coca Cola decided to stop all communication, directing all its energy and budget to help employees and communities.

And again, while several brands created ad hoc communications for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Coca-Cola joined “Stop the profit”, opting to silence advertising on social channels for a month. And after proving that action comes before communication and people come before consumers, Coca Cola is making a comeback on the market with a hymn to life performed by London’s most famous black rapper, George The Poet.