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Ethical Social Networks

Differently Connected

According to the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, half of Australians have actively reduced their use of traditional social media.

gen z seek to connect authentically

Facebook’s decision to block the sharing of links and news for users and pages in Australia certainly didn’t help, and actually it led to an appeal on Twitter with the hashtag #deletefacebook, inviting people to distance themselves from the main social channels.

A new social-media critical awareness is growing among Australians across all generations, but especially the younger Gen Z. This also derives from the emergence of new alternative platforms that offer more “authentic” connection styles, such as Yubo and String: social media without likes, influencers or advertising.

Young Australians say they feel armed with new choices and renewed awareness, traditional technology platforms should rightly start fearing this, rather than exploiting their users. They should begin focusing on increasingly honest, intelligent and rewarding proposals and forms of engagement.