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Crusoe Treasure

The Underwater Cellar

The history of this company is a combination of ingenuity, passion, and innovation, it dates back to 2007 when several crates of bottles were found on sunken ships and auctioned for enormous amounts.

Submerged wine tastes better according to 90% of tasters

This is how the LSEB (Underwater Laboratory for Ageing Beverage), the germ of the current Crusoe Treasure winery, was born. “We spent two and a half years submerging wines from different wineries under the sea. We organized blind tastings with professional winemakers, giving them to try the wine which aged underwater and the wine that didn’t. The 90% of tasters preferred the submerged wine”, says Saracho, director of the cellar.

Today, the company – which has a concession for 500 sqm of seabed in the Bay of Plencia, about 18 meters deep – produces and markets ten different wines, both white and red, around Spain, France and Asia, with a price ranging between 59 and 120 euro. A cellar, but also an artificial coral reef with over 1,500 registered marine species. An entire underwater paradise that has inspired the brand’s identity.

Its wines are divided into three different collections: Sea Soul (mono-varietal wines), Sea Passion (‘coupage’ wines) and Sea Legend (exceptional collections with less than 500 bottles). Each bottle is accompanied by a design packaging decorated with beautiful designs of fish found around the underwater cellar and a tasting card to make this experience even more unforgettable.