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Music Cassette

Music to Touch

In Japan, specialised shops are witnessing the return of that musical medium that ruled until the 90s: the music cassette.

music cassette boom is driven by generation z’s nostalgia

This boom is driven by Generation Z’s nostalgics not wanting to resign to the disappearance of the mythical magnetic tape and all those “organic sounds” contrasting with the digitally modified tracks. “The true quality of the sound, the retro vibe, and the packaging are what attract customers towards the cassette” says Showa Jimbocho Tacto music store manager.

The data shows that the Japanese music market is already dominated by sales of CDs and vinyl, which with physical music contributes 68% of total recorded music revenues. The bottom line is that people want a tactile listening experience that allows for a more informed approach than just clicking on a recommended playlist via algorithm.

Music still needs design, a physical experience at the same time beautiful and functional. And perhaps even the effort of rewinding the reels to listen to the music and the retro-futuristic quality of the tapes is a ritual to which, after 30 years, we still want to go back.