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ONA Restaurant

The Michelin Star Goes Vegan

Located on the southwest coast of France, ONA – Non-Animal Origin – was recently awarded both a Michelin star and a green clover, a recognition introduced in 2020 by Michelin to reward restaurants with strong ethical approaches.

ona made cultural change despite of strong tradition

Opened in 2016, ONA serves gourmet dishes with ingredients such as pine, porcini mushrooms and sake, or celery, tonka, and amber beer. The Michelin award marks a crucial cultural change, especially for a country like France, which has always stood out for its strong tradition in meat consumption.

Giving the best French chefs the chance to be creative even with vegan recipes means bringing veganism into the spotlight of luxury catering. Classic starred or vegan starry? This question will become increasingly recurring in the choice of a luxury restaurant and experimental vegan cuisine will hit straight to the heart (and on the palate) of French gourmets.