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1000 Miglia - The Race


1000 Miglia, the world’s most beautiful historical race, has been celebrating the timeless beauty of vintage cars across Italy since 1927.

Our long-term partnership with 1000 miglia began with its rebranding in 2018.

1000 Miglia is the most prestigious and celebrated historical race dedicated to classic and vintage cars in Italy and around the world. It highlights local heritages and hidden villages, providing unparalleled opportunities and thrills to experience the style, design, art, and charm of Italian territories.
We began working with 1000 Miglia in 2018 on the rebranding of their identity, reinventing the brand’s rich history. Over the years, we have transformed and evolved 1000 Miglia, creating and managing everything related to their annual and special edition races, from online communication to event materials and environments.

In 2018, we completely revamped the logo of 1000 Miglia, laying the groundwork for years to come.

1000 Miglia’s logo has then gone through continuous evolution over the years.
We ensured that each year’s logo is representative of its own identity, while consisting of the same brand essence, guaranteeing instant recognisability and sufficient differentiation.

In addition to the logo, iconic brand identity elements such as the arrow, dynamic typography and color palette are essential.

The modern, graphical reiteration of 1000 Miglia's iconic arrow establishes the tone of reinvention of the heritage brand, while animated elongating typography adds a sense of activeness and movement to the identity. Custom icons and illustrations add visual interest to the brand’s communication.

printed communication materials — road books, brochures, menus and envelopEs — incorporated every element that represents 1000 miglia’s brand identity.

Real world applications engage the audience with both visual appeal and functionality.

Passes for participants, media, and staff accompany them throughout the race, and number stickers brand the vintage cars with the visual language of 1000 Miglia.

“The agency contributed and worked very effectively, with the whole team always showing a positive approach to various projects.”

Fulvia Loda Gelmini / Comm. and PR

every year’s identity shines through the event itself, commanding audience’s attention alongside the race.

A wide range of branded merchandising memorialize the event and its winners.
Branded merchandising such as tote bags, t-shirts, and champagne await all participants in the race. Every year, they bear witness to the history, evolution, victories, and joy of 1000 Miglia.
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