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Altagamma is a foundation for Italian luxury brands comprising enterprises in design, fashion, food, jewellery, automobiles, and hospitality.

altagamma is recognised internationally as an authentic ambassador of italian style.

Since 1992, Fondazione Altagamma has brought together over 100 companies from Italy’s high cultural and creative industries, with the goal of increasing the sector’s competitiveness and contributing to Italy’s economic growth.

As the global landmark for the understanding of the luxury market, every year Altagamma releases various researches conducted in partnership with some of the most prestigious international partners. We’ve been working with Altagamma on designing the editorials in the hopes of better communicating their extensive research and analysis.

Altagamma celebrated their 30th anniversary with “Carta dei Valori,” recounting the commitments on sustainability.

The report also detailed the values of the Foundation’s 112 member companies, leaders in the excellence of Made in Italy and the expression of a sector worth 126 billion euros, with 2 million employees and 53% of exports.
the custom-made illustrations were a highlight of the carta dei valori editorial design.
Through these illustrations, we managed to visualise abstract concepts, simplify complex information, and create engaging narratives, while reflecting Altagamma’s brand personality.
nascent altagamma editorial publication design carta dei valori mattarella
this document was delivered to president sergio mattarella for a humanistic capitalism.
Environmental, economic, social, ethical sustainability. Man at the centre. We believe that this new humanistic capitalism is the real priority innovation of future enterprises. They will have to act by increasingly taking into account the benefits produced for the community from circular economy.
nascent altagamma editorial publication design carta dei valori

“Turismo di Alta Gamma”, the first white paper presented by altagamma, highlighted the tourism sector — a real strategic lever to restart the entire nation.

We were in charge of the overall art direction of the project starting from the conception of the graphic concept of the white paper and up to the subsequent communication for all digital and social channels.
nascent altagamma editorial publication design turismo libro bianco

“Eccia High-end Tourism” was the first of its kind report that provided insights leading to the full potential for high-end tourism in europe.

We made certain that the publication was elevated and sophisticated. The editorial and infographic design communicated Altagamma’s positioning and professionalism.
nascent altagamma editorial publication design eccia highend tourism infographic

“Osservatorio 20th Edition” was a global market study on luxury goods, which was conducted by bain & company in conjunction with altagamma.

We restyled the entire publication — cover, editorial and infographics — in accordance to Altagamma’s brand identity.
nascent altagamma editorial publication design osservatorio inside page spread cover front back

"ESG Environment Social Governance" is a series of three publications on the topic of sustainability, set to be released at the end of 2023-2025.

The publication collects the best concrete cases from Altagamma's member companies that illustrate their investments in various sectors. The editorial design and production focused on Altagamma's eclectic, prestigious, and high-end position.
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