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a new language for an iconic brand

Artemide is a renowned Italian lighting design brand known for its research-driven, high-quality products and expertise in design, craftsmanship and innovation.

Artemide is a legendary company founded in 1960 that made the history of Italian design.

Since their inception, Artemide has been recognised as a point of reference for innovative products with exceptional design aesthetics in the lighting design segment. In 2019, Artemide wanted to celebrate their 60th anniversary with a fresh new image that was both consistent with their heritage and forward looking to an even brighter future.

We partnered with Artemide to reimagine their brand language in order to reflect their attitude towards innovation with a consistent approach to digital, as well as printed materials. We were asked to completely redesign the company website as a part of redefinition of their brand language.

the vision of “the human light” is at the core of the concept, which aims not only to be functional, but also to inspire.

various graphical elements came together to form an intriguing and contemporary visual language.
Moving away from the overly practical and technical pre-existing brand language, we gave Artemide a new life that is more welcoming, approachable and “human.”

from OOH communication to digital and printed brand materials, the new visual language is carried out consistently.

We are pleased to see our meaningful brand language used throughout Artemide's extensive publications, including product catalogues, editorials, and branded magazines, which are available in both physical copies and digital files downloadable from their website.

as an indispensable part of their brand language overhaul, artemide’s website underwent a full makeover.

We removed the cumbersome chunks of clustered product data from the website and revamped it to be intuitive, dynamic, and visually appealing, delivering detailed information without overwhelming its customers as they navigate.

the website is adapted across all browsing environments to ensure smooth transition between devices.

consistent yet varied page design serve to keep readers engaged as they navigate through the website's many areas.
Interactive features of the website, such as the brand’s history chronology, enable consumers better comprehend Artemide's rich heritage and iconic products in an efficient and inviting manner.
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