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Xyence is an investment firm that helps innovative start-ups in the life science sector with the goal of becoming the leading platform for entrepreneurs and investors.

xyence invests in people, ideas and technologies that transform the future of life science.

As an asset management firm, Xyence works with entrepreneurs and researchers to develop revolutionary companies that improve human health. They expressed the need to create an ingenious and original brand identity, by exercising and engaging digital channel ecosystem, to communicate new visions of the company.

We were contacted to support Xyence in developing an in-depth brand strategy along with a distinctive identity. Inspired by the microscope world in bio-laboratories, the scope of work covered the creation and definition of a new brand image, an integrated set of marketing and communication tools and a new corporate website.

Inspired by the microscope world in bio-laboratories, the new visual identity is closely resonating with the brand's field of work, while being unique enough to stand out within its sector.

applying the new brand identity to digital space, Xyence’s website is designed with interaction and motion in mind.

A clean and modern layout allows the website to communicate vast information clearly. Interactive animations keep users engaged to discover more about the brand.
Social media helps xyence showcase their personality, values and culture.
Posting various types of content with consistent brand identity educates the audience while reinforcing their passion, dedication, knowledge and authority in the life science sector.

The new brand identity are further implemented in the printed materials such as research journals, annual reports and white papers.

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