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new lifeblood for leading tech company

Boraso is the reference company in Conversion Marketing in Italy, help ambitious Italian enterprises increase conversions and build digital culture.

with a digital DNA, boraso accumulated experience and knowledge in marketing, tech and ecommerce.

Founded in 1995, before Google and Facebook, with a team characterised by multidisciplinary competencies, Boraso partners with companies that want to grow their business through data analysis and continuous action optimisation.

To support a new business strategy by redefining Boraso's positioning, we were able to determine the specifics of a new and integrated brand identity solution and communication system through a collaborative partnership with their in-house team.

a new logo, which consists of three colors interlinked together, symbolises the 3 business units of boraso.

Marketing, Tech and Academy work in synergy and help client businesses grow, making a difference in marketing strategies, tech consultancy and training.
nascent boraso digital ecommerce branding brand identity booklet brochure leaflet
nascent boraso digital ecommerce branding brand identity icon
a custom set of illustrated icons inherit the design language of the new logo and the color palette.
These icons are specifically tailored to convey complex ideas and brand offerings of Boraso, enhancing clarity and understanding, and making communication more engaging and memorable.
nascent boraso digital ecommerce branding brand identity business card

the new brand identity is applied across boraso’s printed communication materials such as brochures, booklets and pamphlets.

boraso’s new visual language extends to the brand’s corporate website and physical environment, to further cement consistency and professionalism.

nascent boraso digital ecommerce branding brand identity website desktop
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