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iafstore® is a leading Italian company in the supplementation and sports nutrition sector, and one of the largest online retailers in Europe.

iafstore’s expertise covers parapharmacy, herbal medicine, organic food, and sports nutrition.

With internationally established brands under their wings, research and innovation are the keys to their success. The brand offers a full range of genuine and quality products and solutions to improve people’s performance and physical health, inspiring a positive spirit and confidence in tomorrow.

We were tasked to define a brand strategy that enhances iafstore®’s positioning on the Italian and abroad market. A new visual identity not only supports the brand’s social media presence, but also aids in communicating distinctiveness through the packaging design of their entire product line.

A refreshed logo, together with an inspirational color palette and combination, help iafstore establish its brand personality and tone of voice.

modern, minimal but friendly illustrations assist to communicate the brand’s value and essence.
These illustrations make full use of the brand’s color palette, helping iafstore® appear more approachable to its customers, and making it easier for customers to empathise with the brand.

Derived from the new logo, a unique visual element multiplies itself into a pattern that is applicable to product packaging and brand merchandising.

A wide range of well guided physical applications reflect the consistency of the brand identity in real world.

From retail visual merchandising to packaging design of various product lines, the new identity enhances the brand’s professional positioning on the health and wellness market.
consistent brand identity on social media fosters emotional connections with iafstore’s audience.
It ensures a cohesive user experience across all digital communication touch-points, establishing the brand’s online presence, boosting engagement, encouraging exploration, driving traffic, and leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.
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