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next design perspectives 2021-22

design in flux’s identity to the future

Next Design Perspectives is a conference dedicated to the most innovative trends for creativity and design conceived by Fondazione Altagamma.
nascent project next design perspectives 2021 2022 event environment venue photo

next design perspectives, the international event has returned after covid hiatus.

We’ve been collaborating with Altagamma on this inspiring conference that brings together the most forward-thinking creative minds since its first edition in 2018. This 3rd edition ‘Design in Flux - Sensorial, Emotional, other-than-human’ looked at design as an expansive tool for innovation that goes beyond the purely anthropocentric concept.

We designed the identity and a contemporary visual experience for Next, as well as an integrated communication system specifically designed for digital and social media platforms, website, communication materials and exhibits for the entire conference.

the visual experience of 2021 - 22 edition differed from its two predecessors, both of which were also created by us.

Being a part of the brand’s journey from the start facilitated us to deliver a fresh identity with consistent essence.

the theme ‘design in flux’ was expressed through a concept that examines the inventiveness of design.

Which opens up a radically expanding world, from the microbial and molecular to the complexity of the ultra-planetary. A constantly transforming shape morphs through countless possibilities, on a plane shaped by microbial elements expressed in graphical forms.
together with the chosen typography, the identity presented a modern and organic visual experience.
The color palette was developed taking into account the three main themes of the event, defining a fresh and dynamic mood, characterised with bright and vibrant shades.

from concept to visualisation, ‘design in flux’ lived on in real world implementations.

Both digitally on website and social media, and physically in event environments, multiple brand touchpoints enabled Next to deliver communicational messages in a timely and engaging manner, while also allowing users to fully experience the conference from invitation to conclusion.
nascent project next design perspectives 2021 2022 event homepage website digital

consistent visual language from website to social media ensured effective communication without missing a beat.

through physical experience of the event, the identity enabled next to be a workshop exploring new trends in creativity.

nascent project next design perspectives 2021 2022 event environment venue photo
next design perspectives 2021 - 22 explored the role of design in sustainable innovation.
The conference considered design to be a tool of future-oriented intelligence, capable of alleviating the traumas caused by anthropogenic impact. With the invaluable help of a coherent identity and visual experience, the conference aims to identify new perspectives of the relationship between mankind and the environment.
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