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January 2024

Razz Burger. hamburger Do it yourself.

How many hamburger chains already exist in the world? To create a new one, and think that it can be successful and visible, it is not enough to choose the best ingredients. You have to have a good idea. There is no such thing as an ideal burger, but perhaps there is still an ideable burger. A burger idea that is customisable by each customer.

Razz Burger turns the rules of the game upside down: the gourmet shop offers a do-it-yourself experience where each patron can create their own masterpiece: the burger of their dreams. The brand turned to studio Velvele to create an identity that would design the appeal of its burger shop: a novel handmade typeface to perfectly complement the do-it-yourself gourmet experience.

"Inspired by street graffiti, our customised typeface adds a bold, street-style vibe to the brand. Each letter, with its imperfect style, reflects the individuality inherent in the DIY process, similar to ingredient selection." Says the creative director. Choosing combinations, even the most seemingly senseless ones, means expressing one's personality and allowing oneself the luxury of experimenting.

The DIY experience is present throughout the design system. Even the menu is designed to encourage interaction. Inspired by the famous 'IKEA effect', this approach sets Razz apart by creating moments of connection between the brand and its customers. Each customer could become a culinary star by inventing the 'burger hero' of Razz Burger himself.

Google 25th anniversary. What the world has 'Googled'.

Google turns 25 years old in search and to celebrate has launched a video with all the most 'googled' trends in the site's history.

Starting with music, the most searched band is The Beatles, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, while Beyoncé is the most googled Grammy Award winner. Among athletes, the record is held by Cristiano Ronaldo, reminding us also that among all sports the most googled of all time remains football.

In the world of art, on the other hand, Leonardo da Vinci excels, as artist and author of perhaps the most famous work of art in the world, the Mona Lisa.

The video, created, produced and edited by Google's Brand Studio, not only reveals an important panorama of our 'digital history', but is also a tribute to the people, events and iconic moments that have shaped our history, that influence our present and that trace the trends of our future.

Roni Collection. The Rats of New York.

We Love NYC is a new collection celebrating the good, the bad and the funky of New York. It is merchandise with a twist, bringing a new perspective to the iconic spirit of the city.

The line created Roni (Rats of NY). Just like New Yorkers, rats have different styles and tastes, but most of all they love New York.

Developed by the creative agency Founders, the We Love NYC collection is a tribute to a city that continues to be one of the most iconic and vibrant in the world.

The visual identity of the collection is driven by the logo of a New Yorker Rat and, with great irony and style, the 19 pieces in the collection capture the essence of New York, reflecting the attitudes and ethos of its inhabitants. Even in the most bizarre and seemingly trashy aspects of Americans, such as the popular rat tours that have recently been organised in NYC.

Too Good to Go. For the environment and for the wallet.

In the mood for something good? With Too Good To Go you can enjoy great food at a third of the price while helping the planet.

This is the communication message of the App that from 2019 to date has managed to save 12 million meals in Italy, thus not nullifying the emission of more than 30,000 tonnes of Co2.the data tell us that about 40% of the food produced in the world is wasted and 10% of Co2 emissions are linked to food waste.

Too Good To Go is a model that works because all parties involved obtain a concrete benefit. From the environment to consumers to businesses. "Users can consume food that is still good for a third of the price, and businesses get both a little extra revenue (the products would otherwise remain unsold) and the opportunity to make themselves known and expand their clientele," says Cerisola, Country Director for Italy.

Combining environmental sustainability and economic advantage is probably the winning strategy of the brand, which among other things has succeeded in a fresh, fun and innovative rebranding and communication operation.
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