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June 2022

l’oréal for minority rights

“Hair is very important in the transformation of a Trans person,” said the education manager of L’Oréal Caribe’s professional products division.

The first beauty salon network specialised in assisting those who are part of the transgender community was born in Puerto Rico as part of the International Day of Transgender Visibility, thanks to the Transformation initiative, developed by Sajo McCann and L’Oréal Professional Products.

Protecting, enhancing and anticipating the needs of minorities is an opportunity for a mass-market brand like L’Oréal to demonstrate openness, caring, and closeness to everyone. A team of professionals has been formed in 10 shops spread across the island to create a space focused on the needs of those in transition, providing them with specific treatments and consultations in terms of hair, image and colour.

The innovative program was launched in collaboration with the True Self Foundation, a leading local organisation dedicated to promoting the overall well-being of communities of sexual orientation and gender identity diversity.

golden arches’ iconic trash

Everyone knows it’s a colossus, even in terms of its environmental impact. McDonald’s Norway takes sides in support of the environment with a campaign that does not point fingers at others but at itself.

“With our size and influence, we can do a lot better than we do today,” said Mari Husby, marketing manager at McDonald’s Norway, “We’re responsible for one of the biggest and most visible parts of littering. We’re definitely not pleased when we see trash from our restaurants lying around.”

“Take away your take away” is the copy and the insight of the campaign: print, social media and out-of-home that capture what the brand calls “iconic trash,” where packaging such as burger wrappers and soda cups have been left out as unsightly street refuse.

Aside from the altruism aspect, McDonald’s sees the push as a way to further clean up its image. A strategically ethical positioning that has been able to re-capture its audience with genuine creativity. Because the truth is sometimes the most engaging and creative story a brand can tell.

QVerse is ready to take-off

“With the Metaverse challenging physical boundaries on a larger scale, it is exciting to embrace a technology that allows all travel enthusiasts to enjoy a unique immersive experience of our award-winning products and services.” Qatar Airways Group CEO, Mr. Akbar Al Baker stated.

Qatar Airways entered the Metaverse today with the launch of QVerse, a novel virtual reality experience. Users of its dedicated website can now virtually tour and navigate Hamad International Airport (HIA), which was recently named the “Best Airport in the World 2021” in physical reality. The Premium Check-in area and the interior of the airline’s aircraft with all of the features in both the Business and Economy Class cabins are included in the tour.

The State of Qatar’s flagship airline is the first in the world to offer a MetaHuman cabin crew: a digital experience developed with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation tool, and MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based app for creating high-fidelity digital humans.

Are you ready to take to the skies of Metaverse with lovely flight attendant “Sama”?

newlife: responsible social network

Less escape, more effort. Newlife is a new Italian social network launched at the beginning of 2022 in Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain with the goal of creating a new social impact based on a new social media concept. The app, designed by Mauro Tiberti, CEO of OdStore, is a place for Newlifers to share their knowledge and experiences.

“Newlife focuses on concreteness and action creating solid connections, and that is the real substantial potential of social media.”

The first real difference between this social network and others can be seen during registration, when users are required to provide a valid identity document. This prevents the creation of fake content and profiles. Newlife is a social network in which you must “put your face forward” without filters or nicknames. This results in an authentic exchange of values, time, and talents involving both individuals and businesses, and this is New Life’s ambitious mission and its “Born to Help” payoff.

Are we prepared, in this time of great change, to create a social network that foregoes some exhibitionism in favour of a renewed but timeless sense of community? After all, the definition of community hasn’t changed: “a group of people who help each other because they are linked by social and moral relationships, organisational bonds, common interests, and habits.”

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