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March 2023

Dove: democratic summer

The beach is often associated with an idealised body image, which can be an uncomfortable and, in some cases, insurmountable barrier for those who do not meet these standards.

In Rio de Janeiro, 50% of people with disabilities and 42% of people who are overweight have stopped going to the beach. Of higher-weight people, 20% expressed concern about not fitting into beach chairs.

Dove redesigned the standard folding beach chair to be larger, sturdier, and safer for people with larger bodies in order to make summer fun accessible to everyone. In addition to the new version of chairs for everyone, Dove has hosted several events related to "beauty without standards" in its Lime beach pavilion. The brand’s goal is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin and that everyone can find their "place in the sun."

The promise is to create "um verão democrático de verdade," or a truly democratic summer: an inclusive initiative that could be extended to all beaches and seasons. To have a fair autumn, a fair winter, and a fair spring.

The power bank on the go

How do you charge an electric car in the absence of a charging station? It’s almost as simple as charging a smartphone: plug in the power bank, and the electric car is charged.

ZipCharge has released a new device for charging electric vehicles that could be useful for those who have chosen electric but suffer from charging anxiety.

ZipCharge Go is a portable on-the-go charging station in the shape of a travel trolley. Thanks to its lightweight design and wheels for easy use, Go allows drivers to place it in the trunk to recharge their car in any location. When connected to an electric vehicle, the ZipCharge Go can provide 20 to 40 miles of range in 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the capacity of the Go.

After building several prototypes, Zipcar, the most popular car rental company based in the United Kingdom, is now ready to supply the electric trolley to the many customers who have already reserved it.

BookTok: the rebirth of books

TikTok, the platform that turns anything that goes viral into gold, from volumizing lip gloss to freeze-dried ramen packets, appears to have given a significant boost to an unexpected sector: publishing.

In fact, there is a pulsing world known as #BookTok, a community that gathers all the contents in which books are reviewed and analysed. Publishing influencers are called BookTokers, they are young people, mostly girls, who know how to stir things up by bringing titles published years ago to the top of the charts.

And this is how The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, released in 2013, found new success with BookTok, achieving 256 million views with its dedicated hashtag.

The BookTok phenomenon, in addition to bringing thousands of users to bookstores, has directly influenced the layout of the shelves. It is not uncommon to walk into a store and find a section dedicated to the top ten books ranked on TikTok. Mondadori has even added a section on its website dedicated to reading recommendations derived from the social network.

Next generation CoffeeB

In recent years, the production of coffee pods and capsules for home use has increased at an exponential rate. But, today, the single-serving coffee industry takes another step toward ecology, laying the groundwork for a new coffee revolution.

It is a Swiss idea that is as unusual as it is promising, capable of transforming a problematic and polluting market like that of capsules.

After five years of study and experimentation, the Swiss supermarket chain Migros has managed to create a single-serving coffee without capsules. The name of the product is CoffeeB, coffee balls pressed and contained within an invisible envelope of algae polymers. Once the dose has been used, the empty shell can be pulverised and composted or disposed of with organic waste.

Not just an idea, but a tried-and-true product that has been on the market in both Switzerland and France since the end of 2022. A novelty that, if well received in other parts of Europe, could lead to the capsules’ abolition and the associated environmental problems.

Since aesthetics also plays a role in ethics, CoffeeB has created a design proposal that makes both the product and its packaging minimal, seductive, and captivating.

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