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November 2022

it’s never too late to Lego

Lego Lates, a series of adults-only after-hours events at Lego stores in London, Shanghai and New York City, has been announced by the Lego Group.

The Denmark-based toy brand launched Lego Lates after a brand survey revealed that 93% of adults report feeling stressed out, and 53% find it hard to “switch off.” Lego Lates is an attempt to encourage adults to unwind through “the power of play.”

With the growing success of its adult-centric themes, it appears that the company will continue to target adult audiences and their larger budgets. Created with BAFTA Masterclass, Universal Music Group, and fashion designer Grace Chen, Lego Lates combines Lego-building activities with talks, performances, and fashion shows: a masterclass in London Leicester Square to celebrate the film industry where participants can make their own brick creations; a live concert in Fifth Avenue New York with established musicians and rising stars where spectators can take part in the show; a workshop in People’s Square Store New York with designer Grace Chen where creativity and architectural construction are the theme of the day.

This is Lego’s brand strategy, but “Let’s play together again” appears to be the new mantra of many major brands. From McDonald's Happy Meal for Adults to the Fisher-Price Chatter phone that makes real phone calls, brands are helping adult consumers become little kids again, incentivising them not to stay connected all the time and eliciting nostalgia for a carefree childhood.

NightJet: eco-chic lovers’ train

There is no doubt that the train is the most environmentally friendly method of transportation. Rail travel has significantly lower CO2 emissions and energy consumption than air or road travel. Trains as an alternative to flying are becoming increasingly appealing in Europe. There are new generation night trains that manage to keep passengers away from planes by pushing not only for the most environmentally friendly option but also for the most comfortable.

NightJet is the latest virtuous example. In September 2022, the sleeper division of Austria’s national railway ÖBB unveiled the interior of its new wagons. The design of the carriages is centred on passengers’ desires for more privacy and safety, with cocoon-like cabins with lockable doors for individual travellers and sliding shutters between pods at head level to allow for inter-cabin conversation when desired.

For those who choose to travel by train, ecology and luxury appear to go hand in hand. “NightJet had the potential to give the industry a fresh boost at a time of big challenges such as the energy crisis and the climate emergency,” said travel writers and railway buffs invited to inspect them in Vienna.

A new train is passing for all eco-chic lovers. Don’t miss it.

UniformMonday is the new casual friday

If there was once a Casual Friday, there is now a Uniform Monday. It may appear to be a provocation, a trend reversal, or even an attack on free expression. Instead, it appears that Spanish fashion brand Adolfo Dominguez’s #UniformMonday campaign has received widespread support.

With more employees returning to offices, whether by choice or obligation, the question of what to wear to work has resurfaced. Starting Mondays with one decision removed creates some mental breathing space, according to the brand, who is encouraging people to participate in #UniformMonday by wearing the same outfit on the first day of every workweek.

The initiative was launched by the company’s own employees in November 2022, and the first benefits that emerged from the first surveys are: 15 minutes of extra sleep, a simplified morning routine, and happy childhood memories of wearing a school uniform.

“Repeat more, think less” is the new mantra. A mantra that, until recently, we would not have accepted. But times have changed, and a uniform can now be liberating rather than limiting. Wearing the same clothes more frequently opens up a broader conversation about mental sustainability, in addition to being a more environmentally responsible approach to fashion. Taking a decision off your Monday list is an extremely relaxing action that can have a ripple effect throughout the week for anyone who is rushed or overwhelmed — that is, for everyone. A simple yet effective way for any brand to demonstrate its concern for its customers is to suggest a new kind of routine for a new kind of life.

Iceland: save energy by cooking

In a market where prices are rising and the future is uncertain, brands that redesign their products and services to help consumers save money will be welcomed. “Saving by design” is the new mission that brands are attempting to follow in order to be more connected and empathetic to their customers, beginning with basic necessities such as food.

Iceland, a frozen food retailer based in the United Kingdom, has made several pledges aimed at reducing energy consumption when cooking at home. The brand has modified the product packaging by including energy-saving cooking instructions. The redesigned packs are part of a larger initiative called “Shop Smart, Cook Savvy.”

The program includes a partnership with energy supplier Utilita, which will offer training courses on how to save money by cooking to both store employees and interested customers. In the United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s is also taking action to provide food shoppers with all of the tools they need to save food and money. When times are tough, brands must work harder.

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