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— The Best Apps that Limit Apps

We have digitized all the experiences. Now we feel a desperate need to reconnect with reality, the one that involves the body, breath, sleep and all our moods. According to a survey, the average adult spends almost six hours a day with digital media and 47% of Britons blame the web for sleep deprivation. We are becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact that technology is having on our physical and mental health.

Here are some solutions.

Headspace teaches us how to meditate, Sleepzy controls and improves the phases of our sleep, while Moodrise exploits technology in order to nourish and support our emotional needs, adapting online content according to our mood.

For every psychophysical deficiency, there seems to be the right app with the common goal of improving mental health, strengthening resilience and raising well-being. But in all this there is an obvious paradox. Will it really be the web to save us from “digital bulimia”?


— Local Store, Hyper Experience

What would you expect to find in a small Berlin H&M boutique? Probably not a lounge bar, a garden, yoga classes, fashion courses, super-technological touch screens and an exhibition–space for upcoming trends. No doubt there will also be a careful selection of clothing, but for young H&M customers clothes will just be one of many.

“As global resellers, this is a test to understand how we can be more personal and more relevant at a local level”, says Anne Bergare from the H&M laboratory. 49% of GenY and GenZ customers claim to visit stores more often if there are options for eating and drinking, interaction and entertainment. Offering an engaging and meaningful experience in the stores, even the smallest and most local ones, seems to be the best investment to bring customers to prefer the store to e-commerce.


— A Premiere for the Palate

Following the success of Netflix and better home entertainment, cinemas have witnessed a fast and irreversible depopulation. What could push me to leave my comfortable sofa and mega-screen and go to the cinema Hunger. And certainly not the hunger for culture. In collaboration with Anteo Spazio Cinema, Eataly created the Nobel theatre in Milan, which every day stages the work of the great masters of cinema combined with that of the Eataly chefs.

This is a new format, the perfect combination of cinema and food, which is also having great success abroad. In Bath, for example, studio Run For The Hills has designed the very elegant Tivoli boutique cinema. Four luxury comfort theatres, with perfect English club-style retro sofas, a choice of cocktails and sophisticated menus included in the projection. In short, a new way of experiencing cinema comes to Europe. A vision that will remain on everyone’s lips.