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— From Monzo to Airbnb, the Talent Sharing Platform

“Monzo is a bank that makes life easier” they say. But unfortunately, as many other big ones, Monzo in 2020 had to lay off many collaborators. Nevertheless its promise for making life simpler, starting from its employees and ex-employees, has proved true even in this period of global crisis. Monzo has created a platform which includes a list, divided by country, of all the names and references of the talents who worked for Monzo and are now looking for a new job.

A similar platform was soon adopted by Airbnb, allowing ex-employees to upload their cv, experience and LinkedIn profiles for searching opportunities around the world. We wish that thanks to these platforms and to the technologies that allow real-time data sharing the job crisis of 2020 will be overcome in a new way. In the name of a free (and hopefully quick) talent sharing.


— The Beer Revolution

For BrewDog success means having a revolution to share. “We are the alternative beer. We are fearless David in an ocean of Goliath.”

BrewDog was born in 2007, from the passion for hop of twenty-four years old Martin and James, who started brewing beer in their garage in Fraserburgh, with their dog. Today BrewDog is the leading craft brewery in the UK and has opened 3 shops in Italy. Nevertheless the two Scotsmen still speak of themselves as the punks of beer. A beer which is revolutionary from the inside, thanks to the typical citrus flavour, which combined with the intensity of hop makes BrewDog the new unmissable cult for craft beer lovers.

A beer which is even more revolutionary on the outside: from packaging to communication BrewDog speaks a unique and unmistakable language, at times bold and provocative. Punk Ipa, Lost Lager, Hazy Jane, Dead Pony Club, Nanny State are the big classics of a beer which is everything but classic. A brand which in Ohio launched the first hotel in the world totally dedicated to craft beer, the DogHouse in Columbus, better than any communication campaign. Bed linen with a hop scent and fridges filled with beer in every shower. A brand that with its crowdfunding – “Equity for  Punk” – collected in the UK over 11,000 investors, who with 30 Euros per share showed the world that even Punks can gamble on the stock market.


— Tell Me Where You Want to Go and I’ll Tell You How to Get There

From Puglia to Trentino, from Bologna to Como lake, from e-bike to e-boat, this summer re-start is under the sign of electric sharing. And among the leading countries we find Italy, where from north to south it looks like there’s space for all forms of electric tourism.

The Como lake, for example, was appointed Electric Lake of Europe. Kick-scooters, bikes, scooters o electric boats?

“Tell me where you want to go and I’ll tell you how to get there with zero emissions.” Here’s the new sharing mobility manifesto, which in particularly young towns such as Bologna created a range of offers which attracts even the most conservative tourists: from the ice-cream tour to the craft beer one, from historical buildings to graffiti… everything increasingly electric and consciously shared.